SUNFLOWERS (Watercolour on board)

St. FRANCIS CHURCH IN TAOS (Acrylics on board)SOLD


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Welcome to the Art of the Dancing Brush

of Nora Sanders

​Nora is an active member of her local community. She started a book club at her local library in Rio Rancho and is member of the Rio Grande Art Association and the New Mexico Art League. She edits and puts out a monthly newsletter "The Palette" for the Rio Grande Art Association. She actively encourages other artists to join her in her efforts to spread the good news of art for arts sake in New Mexico. She joined Scott Wong's FLOOD THE STREETS WITH ART Campaign in 2014 and introduced New Mexicans to this wonderful idea of giving away art on Black Friday as a liberating gesture. For more details look up her FB page. She also has her art on Flickr on her home page.

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The paintings on this website are a sample of my work. Most are for sale but above all please enjoy the art and let me know what you think

Nora Sanders is an international artist whose works have been exhibited and sold in China, England and the US.  She now lives in the USA.  She considers the South West her home and continues to be inspired by the beauty of the mesas, high desert sunsets, the Rio Grande and the changing colours and seasons of the landscape.  

Nora was born on the Greek Island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean. She went to school in England where she lived most of her life. She has lived in China for 9 years where she first came across, and fell in love with Chinese Brush Painting (CBP), better known in the US as Sumi-e. She studied CBP over many years and most of her early works are in this style. She remembers that one of her teachers, Qu Lei Lei, insisted on the use of only black ink for several years before allowing his students to use colour. The idea was to master the brush and the ink and to learn to create moods and perspective with different shades of black.

Since coming to the US in 2006 she has transitioned to painting in a fusion of Eastern and Western styles. This she calls: East meets West. She uses a variety of mediums, mostly water based including watercolors, acrylics and also pastels and inks. She teaches painting both privately and at her local Hobby Lobby Store. She does not adhere to a style as this would be too restrictive and limiting. Neither does she label her work as expressionist, modern, impressionist or realistic. "I hate being put in a box" she says "so why put my art in one".

​Nora Sanders Curran

THREE GORGES CHINA (Watercolour on rice paper)

WASHDAY (Watercolour on paper)


BAMBOO (Ink on rice paper)


 (Acrylics on board)SOLD